Team Herc

Founding Team

Roope Marttila, CEO

Columbia Law School educated lawyer and entrepreneur who has worked at Google on Global Policy and served on the Global Board of Columbia Venture Community.

Juha Ristimäki, CTO

System specialist and AI expert who previously worked at Nokia and Accenture. Juha has known the other founders for almost a decade from previous ventures.

Timo Soronen, Head of UX

Legal techie and UI specialist who has also built a stock information site with 2M+ visitors. Timo has known the other founders for almost a decade from previous ventures.

Legal Tech Team

Alex Lindstrom, Head of Engineering

Expert on greenfielding multiple projects and Agile developing. Has experience from large projects in big tech and top VC-backed companies in NYC.

Jasmine Bayron, Chief Data Officer

She has a passion for making law more accessible and a PhD in modeling asteroids. She is still part-time at NASA advising them on their OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Probe mission.

Erika Jones, Head of Onboarding

Seasoned enterprise relationship and sales professional with an impeccable knack for bringing value you to the legal community. She loves her two golden retrievers.

Mike Mitchell, Sales Engineer Specialist

Experienced product manager and former cyber security specialist at some of the largest international software companies in the world. And he's on a mission!

Milla Havanka, Data Scientist

An ex-Nokia integration engineer who wants to bring more access to justice. She is a serial entrepreneur and an active member on many volunteer organizations.

Lore Alvarez, Head of Latin America

Marketing and branding expert who tends to be ahead of trends. She heads our ambitions in the Spanish-speaking side of the market in Europe and the Americas.

Kristin Rogers, U.S. Client Relations

Kristin understand both the boutique shop and large corporate worlds where she has been both in HR and client-facing roles. She is a mother of three who wants to be passionate about what she does.

We're recruiting to Sales & Support

If you are a legal technologist who is passionate about access to justice, we want you! If you'd like to work closely with our CEO and legal tech team, please contact us!


We are supported by IVY League law professors, experienced VC-backed legal tech entrepreneurs, seasoned lawyers, and C-level business dev people that have worked in global unicorns.